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Plastic Pvc Card prints and designs all types of plastic cards and can fulfill all of your fashion business needs. We offer effective VIP Member cards and plastic card production at very low prices. Deal direct with the plastic card manufacturer and save money! We print affordable Magnetic Card, Gift cards, loyalty cards, fundraising cards, key access cards, ID badges and more. Our Plastic Business cards are all specially designed to ensure that you receive the highest quality cards for the lowest price.

Plastic Card Online pvccards are one of the best ways you can step ahead of your competition. Their durability shows your customers that you are building a long lasting relationship with them and that you value their business.


Our art department works closely with our customers to create the best card designs for your business. Check our card pricing and order your cards online today and we will start the process to make your new plastic cards. For customers who have never ordered plastic cards before, it is simple to find out how to order plastic cards. We also have made available an informative glossary of terms for plastic card printing. Contact our customer support professionals today if you need help with your order or if you have questions regarding the plastic card printing process.

With our many years of experience with plastic card manufacturing, we have developed a step-by-step procedure that keeps you, the customer, in full control of your plastic card order. You will be contacted by our customer service representatives before any work begins. You can re-order your cards online too, just log yourself into our members area and reorder. It is quick and easy to use. If you have questions, please view our frequently asked questions about plastic card printing, or call us toll-free, we will be happy to help you.


We offer quality service as well as expert support for printing plastic cards. At Plastic Card Company you receive FREE artwork & setup of your graphic design. That's right, every customer has 1 hour of FREE artistic design services. That is usually enough time to process most plastic card orders. You will be pleased with our service & fast turnaround. To request FREE plastic card samples - click here.


Plastic Card Factory offers Direct Mail Postcards that have plastic cards or key tags as part of the card. These postcards can be sent by US Mail to your customers. We can address and mail each plastic card utilizing our custom postcard mailer templates and our automated digital printing process. Email us for additional information on this new product offering.


We are in the business to make plastic cards that meet your needs and requirements. We are happy to work with you to accommodate any special requests you may have to create the perfect plastic card.

Vip/Mermbership cards

they can track usage,eligibility, and build loyalty.They'ar also great advertising

Gift/loyalty/Discount cards

The hottest deal in retailing today.They can increase loyalty,repeat visits and sales.The gift card is an excellent promotional tool or preminum incentive.It also can build brand awareness.

Employee time cards

They can help you to track employee time and attendance.If the photos can be added,it will be more security in your facility.

Business/name cards

The pvc cards will be more durable and will never crack.Besides,they're waterproof.The more important is that it's the symbol of your honourable status.

Key/Acess card

Now they are used in most of the hotels and luxury apartment.It will be more safety and facilitate for management.

Smart/IC/ID cards

The good way to provide a secure and attractive solution for your citizens,staff,members or drivers to prove their identity.Eg.the student/staff identity(photo ID cards),Visitor ID cards, Library access and lending cards,clubs and societies,cashless purchases for meals and vending machines and so on.

Key tags

It can provide a convenient way to carry a barcode without the size of a standard credit card.The barcode tags can be either custom printed or plain.

Hotel key card printing

We are the essential provider of superior Hotel key card printing and paper cards and auxiliary services.So visit our gallery, peruse through our work, download our Hotel key card printing templates and let the creative process and collaboration begin!.

Plastic card printing

All of your Plastic card printing needs in one location. Our on-site plastic card printing, coupled with our quality-control processes, ensure the results you expect. plastic card printing also helps your business with other kinds of printed products including one, two and four color business cards, envelopes, letterhead and custom Post-It?Notes.

Gift card printing

Gift card printing have all but replaced the old fashion paper gift card. You can create your own design or have our creative in house design team create your Gift card printing.

membership card printing

Whether you are looking for membership card printing, Gift card printing, plastic card printing, membership badges, Hotel key card printing, loyalty cards printing, Plastic business card, PVC card printing or a complete access control system, we have the right solution for you.

loyalty cards printing

Studies show that loyalty cards printing are one of the most cost effective ways to build brand loyalty and improve customer retention.

Plastic business card

We are your source for cutting edge, attention getting, respect commanding Plastic business card. Todays competition in the job market is fierce, Clear or Frosted Plastic business card are the means to get recognized.

PVC card printing

Our PVC card printing range from low volume - small runs starting at only 100 cards to high volume bulk cards for national or international marketing. PVC card printing is reverse image printed on a laminate that is then adhered to the card. Printed PVC cards, solid inside. Exactly like banking credit cards.

Photo ID card
Photo ID card have been a source of happiness for your loved ones, and a way for you to express your love for your family and people you care about, for that special someone

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